Business Development: Don Thoutt 303 458-1298 Ext 321

Estimating Dept:

Private Homeowners and special projects: Kreyton Guthrie 720-203-7457

Safety: Keith Thoutt 303 458-1298 Ext 370

Audrey Thoutt President

303-458-1298 Ext 320

Don Thoutt- Secretary of corporation

303-458-1298 Ext 321

bryce thoutt

Director of Operations

303-458-1298 Ext 351  

CJ Thoutt

Operations Coordinator

303-458-1298 EXT 344

Todd thoutt
Block Wall and brick pavers division

303-458-1298 Ext 340

Keith Thoutt

Safety and Quality Control

303-458-1298 Ext 370

Dan disner
construction material purchaser

Andy Boles

Service Facility  Manager

 303-458-1298 Ext  380

In the Field

Contact Information

South Area

Brian Burns- General Manager of South Projects 720-982-3183

Field Managers

Dave Garcia


Central Area

Andy Fitzgerald- General Manager of Central Projects 720-203-7470

Field Managers:

Darrel Holder


Colorado Springs Area

Kyle Henry- General Manager of North Projects 720-260-5245

Field Managers:

Caleb Golter