about Us

Celebrating 50 Years


Thoutt Bros. Concrete Contractors was shaped by the hands of its founder Will Thoutt in 1961. His values, dedication and the strength of his leadership helped Thoutt Bros. grow from a family business that began in the basement of his home to an industry leader in concrete contracting. Will’s passing in 1993 was an enormous loss for the company, however his legacy lives on through his children and wife Audrey who remain as owners of the company today along with a handful of Will’s grandchildren have become employees for the next generation. His fundamental belief in quality service, strong work ethic and solid relationships helped build the foundation of Thoutt Bros. and set the standard in the industry.

In The Year Of 2000 The Company Set A Milestone Of Pouring Over 177,765.25 Cubic Yards Of Concrete And Made Thoutt Brothers The Largest Concrete Company In Colorado.

Throughout the years Thoutt Bros. has had a hand contracting in cities all over the state of Colorado. Chances are if you have been a resident of Colorado in the last 61 years you have walked on a project Thoutt Bros. has completed. We pride our business with an emphasis of family and community in mind and complement our longevity in the industry. Along with being family owned, Thoutt Bros. has various employees who have fellow family members working side by side in the work force and creates great continuity within the company and a deeper definition of “family business”.

For 6 decades our passion for concrete and the strength of our relationships have helped us endure the economic changes over the years. Maintaining the core values and standing on the foundation that was build 61 years ago, Thoutt Bros. is well positioned for the next 61to come.